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Useful and News

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In the list to the left you will find relevant information about Innherred Ultralight Club and links to clubs we cooperate with and others. We have also published a number of technical articles and links to the most used public services regarding ultralight flying.

From the top:

- Contact info (Kontaktinfo)
      Find on this page names and numbers for the board of Innherred Ultralight club.

- Meetings and events (Møter og Arrangement)
      Find on this page a list of dates when we have meetings and events, our activity calendar.

- Sport pilot licence (Mikroflysertifikat)
      Read on this page how to get a Sports Pilot Licence.

Club handbook (Klubbhåndbok)
      Norwegian manual for how IMFK is organized including rules and procedures.

- Educational programme (Skoleprogram Mikrofly)
      Description of the Ultralight Pilot Licence training program.

- Theorylist (Pensumliste Mikro)
      A list of demanded education from the PPL theory.

- Ultralights Handbook (Mikroflyhåndboken)
      A collection of neccessary law and rules concerning ultralight flying.

- Flight and Radio Procedure (Fly og Radioprosedyre)
      Flight and Radioprocedure at Henning Airport.

- METAR translator (METAR Oversetter)
      Read on this page how to get a Sports Pilot Licence.

- Info form Værnes TWR APP(Info fra Værnes TWR APP)
      Information issued from Værnes TWR APP for ultralight pilots wanting to fly in the TMA airspace.

- Pilot slang (Pilot terminologi)
      Learn the slang which can be heared in the cocpit and between ATC and Pilot

- NLF Ultralight section(NLF Mikroflyseksjonen)
      Link to NLF's ultralight section.

    Norwegian Air Sports Federation site.

     Internet Pilot Planning Center for Norway.

- IPC TMA map over Værnes (IPC TMA Kart)
      Airspace map over Trondheim Airport Værnes.

- Cooperation clubs (Samarbeidsklubber)
      Links to our neighbour clubs.

- Purchase on Ebay (Kjøp på Ebay)
      Information for how to use Ebay as your source of aviation gear.

- Norwegian Airport list (
      A site dedicated to list details and information about all norwegian airports.

- Civil Aviation Authority of Norway  (Luftfartstilsynet)
      The Civil Aviation Authority - Norway (CAA) is an independent administrative body
      under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications with the administrative
      authority in Norwegian civil aviation

- Live ATC from Trondheim Airport Værnes (Live Flyradio fra Værnes)
     Listen to live transmissions of Air Traffic Controllers from Trondheim Airport Værnes.

- Listen to ATC Live (Hør på ATC Live)

You might want to hear live ATC transmission from over the world or the Norwegian Airport Værnes? Click then the link to the left to start a Podcast. This is live transmissions, so what you hear right now is happening right now!

There is also quite a few articles regarding flight training and security. These are sadly not translated yet, but the work is commencing so please drop by another day and check again.

On the Norwegian version of this page there is also a list of News and happenings which we want to share with our visitors.

Innherred Mikrofly Klubb,  , Henning Flyplass,  Pb. 2117,  7701 Steinkjer
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