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Pilot talk

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To add to the number of words in pilot-slang and pilot-language, Innherred Ultraligth Club here presents a few words and sentences which have been known to be used among commercial pilots. If these are applicable for ultralight pilots we do not know, but it is funny reading nevertheless.

Keep the shiny side up - fly straight and level

Are you red eye? - Are you ready?

Tally ho - air traffic in sight

No joy - Do not have the traffic in sight

You're No. 8 in the stack - No. 8 in the holding pattern

Put a log on the fire - Warm up the cockpit

Pull the chocks - Remove chocks, and let's get going

My fun meter is pegged - We're really having fun now

My airporter - old, beat-up car that a pilot drives to and from the airport

Hold short - Do not taxi onto runway or taxiway

I had to go missed the last time - Made a missed approach or go-around the last time

Cleared into position and hold - Taxi onto runway and get ready for takeoff, but do not takoff

Shoot an ILS - Make an instrument approach

Soup - overcast weather or fog

Was that for us? - common question in the cockpit when ATC calls to give you directions.

Dead stick - Flying with no power

Light the fires - Start the engines

WOXOF - Indefinite Ceiling Zero, Sky Obscured, Visibility Zero, fog

CAVU - Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited
CAVOK - Ceiling And Visibility OK

SCUD - Low clouds or rain

Dangle the Dunlops - Put down the landing gear

George - Autopilot

Squawk: Transponder code used to identify the aircraft on radar.

Keep the greasy side down - Fly level

Prang - Bad landing

Bounces - Touch-and-go landings

Dinosaur juice - Fuel

Whiz wheel - Flight computer

A real greaser - Great landing

Wheels in the well at oh-dark-thirty - takeoff in the middle of the night

Put the rollers up - Gear up

Firewall the throttles - Max power

Hangar queen - An airplane that is often in the hangar

Three-holer - The Boeing 727

It's froggy down there - Foggy

Press the envelope - Go to the extreme limit of aircraft performance

FOD - Foreign object damage

The Goodyear speed brakes - Landing gear

The essential bus is here - The crew bus

Back side of the power curve/behind the power curve - When an airplane gets dangerously slow

A goat rope - All messed up

Propwash - The air begind the propeller

WILCO - Will Comply - I hear you, and will do as you ask

ROGER - Yes, O.K., I understand you

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