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Innherred Mikroflyklubb

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About IMFK - Innherred Ultralight Aircraft Club

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Our club is not a large one, we consists for the time beeing of 15 members. Some of which are more active when it comes to flying, but all of us share the same common interrest for airsports. The clubs members own a total of 10 planes, and the main period of activity is between may and november in the "summer half" of the year.

Many ultraligths are a bit "airy" in the construction, so most pilots prefer above freezing temperatures when they are about to fly. But then again, winter season is a good time for flying with proper clothing. And we have quite a few pilots which happily take their plane up after the snow have settled.

Marvin Enge sin Stratus IB

Pilots in all sizes enjoy themselves at Henning Airport!

We have however got our own clubhouse, where we can drop by for a chat in active days, or to have meetings in during wintertime. The clubhouse is not complete yet, but in a way this is good too, since we then also have an excuse to meet, in order to fix it.

Utsikt over Henning

The view from the backseat from the clubs Stratus IIB in july 2009.

Flying from Henning Airport means you have access to some of the finest airsport areas of Innherred. The Airport is situated approximately in the middle between Snåsa Airport, Skogn Flystripe and Namsos Airport. A trip flying on nice days is a very pleasant experience, and we have excellent proximity to the other clubs in the area. 

Flytur over Leksdalsvatnet om vinteren

Over Leksdalsvatnet in the wintertime

It is perfectly possible to fly in the wintertime too, the picture above is taken after the snow have settled and the Leksdalsvatnet lake have frozen over. The sun is low on this time of the year, but Rune Grande was up with his Tiera and were able to take a couple of very very nice pictures.

If you dress well with warm clothes, it is possible to fly ultralights all year around. Often is the air in the autumn and wintertime much more stable than in the summer, so trips this time of year can be extremely calm and nice!

Innherred Mikrofly Klubb,  , Henning Flyplass,  Pb. 2117,  7701 Steinkjer
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