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What is Ultralight flying?

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Ultralight flying are flying pretty much as the aviation pioneers did in the childhood of aviation. It is the flight over the landscape, the enjoyment of the unbeatable view and the freedom which is in focus. If you wish for a plane to get from destination to destination on travels, you should consider a private airplane or the most modern equipped Sports Aircrafts.

Quite a few general aviation pilots which now flies Ultralights or Sport planes, tells that the real sensation of flying and the tingling joy of beeing able to master the flying are when you fly Ultralights or Sports. If pilots are to really enjoy the flying, is it the Ultralight which is taken to the air! Therefore, do not ask a sports pilot how far he can fly, even if they can tell you about trips across the country in all directions. It is the experience of beeing in the air which is the goal.


 The Clubs Stratus IIB flies a trip from Henning towards Steinkjer. 

How do I get a Sports Pilot Licence?

Innherred Ultralight club has three instructors which can help you get you a licence to fly an ultralight or sports plane. The road towards yuur licence is divided into two parts, one theoretical education where you need to learn about Aviation laws, Navigation, Metheorology, Aerodynamics, Aviation technology and Aviation Safety. In addition to this,  there is a practical eduaction on minimum 25 hours where you develop your skills of flying the aircraft, before you can get your own licence. Read more about how to get your Sports Pilot Licence under the menu [Nyttig og Nytt] (Translates to [Useful and News]).

What is a Sports Aircraft? 

Ultralights or Sports aircrafts is a manned motor powered aircraft with not more than two seats and a maximum takeoff wheight which do not exceed 300 kg for onseater land operated aircrafts, or 450 kg for a two seater land operated aircraft. When equipped for taking off from water with pontoons, the maximum takeoff wheight is allowed with 50 kg more, 500 kg. The plane needs to be able to fly without stalling or be flyable with the throttle setting to idle at 35 knots (65 km/h). Ultralights or sport planes can be equipped with a security system (fuselage mounted parachute) which is dimentioned for the aircrafts maximum wheight as set by the manufacturer.

All Norwegian ultralight and sports aircrafts have a registration which starts with a Y, which means the registration series are from LN-YAA to LN-YZZ.

I Norway there is three cathegories with ultralight aircrafts.

  • Wheighshift, also called trikes or motorized hanggliders. These aircrafts are operated with a handle used to shift the weight under the wing, in the same manner as a hangglider is controlled.
  • Rudder control, also called 3-axis, is controlled with a yoke and pedals exactly like an ordinary aircraft. All flying with ultralight aircrafts MUST happen under Visual Flying Rules. (VFR, which means daylight and under the ceiling of skies)
  • Gyroplane, also called Gyrocopter or Autogyro. The resembles helicopters by looks, but work in a completely different way. They take off and flies as normal motorplanes, but with the rotating wing they can land on a very small area.

VFR-flying over the clouds («on top») is not allowed with an Ultralight Aircraft.

In Norway is this airsport activity defined under the rules of Norges Luftsportforbund (NLF - Norwegian Air Sport Federation), under the section of Ultralights. Ultralight and Sports flying is a growing sport, and is very attractive for pilots who flies for a hobby, due to the lower costs compared to PPL motor planes. It is about 45 Ultralight clubs in Norway, with approximately 220 flying aircrafts and about 1000 members in total.



Innherred Mikrofly Klubb,  , Henning Flyplass,  Pb. 2117,  7701 Steinkjer
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