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Here is a list with translations for each gallery:

Flyinn 2010 (Flyinn 2010)
A gallery from the rather excellent flyinn we had in september 25th 2010.

Flying in 2010: (Flyaktiviteter 2010)
A gallery where all flying activities from 2010 will be summed up in pictures. We will upload pictures as soon as something happens, so please come back often!

Bilder fra flyplassen: (Pictures from the Airport)
Pictures from the airport over time. Here you will find pictures from the early years mixed with recent snapshots. This picture archive grows often, so it will be worth while coming back!

Flyturer høsten 2009: (Flights autumn 2009)
Two clips of flying in 4000 feet msl around the fjords in the Steinkjer area, the day was excellent with walls of clouds around and small clouds to fly among or through.

Skoleflyging 2009: (Flying lessons 2009)
A couple of videos from the flying lessons done in 2009.

Flyturer i Innherred 2009: (Flights over Innherred in 2009)
A couple of video clips, one flying over Straumen September 2009, and one flying over Henning in August 2009

Flyturer Steinkjer 2009: (Flights around Steinkjer in 2009)
A couple of video clips with flights around Steinkjer, September 2009.

Flyturer Verdal2009: (Flights around Verdal in 2009)
A couple of video clips with flights around Verdal, September 2009.

Luft under vingene 2006: (Air under the wings)
Some videoclips from a DVD production made for a few years back.

Fine flydager 2006: (Nice flying days in 2006)
Some videoclips from a DVD production made for a few years back.

Flygingen 100 år 2003: (Celebration of the 100 years anniversary of flying in 2003)
Pictures from 18th of December 2003 where IMFk celebrated the 100 years anniversary of flying in snowy conditions.

IMFK før i tiden: (Innherred Ultralight Club in early days)
Here you will find quite a few pictures from the the clubs early days. Most of these pictures are scanned from Slides, and the quality bears marks from this. They pictures are however a part of our past and worth while watching!

Artikkel i LA 4. Mai 1991: (Article in the newspaper LA 4th of May 1991)
An article about IMFK celebrating the Labor day in the air. A couple of pictures from the very early days you will find too.

Tidligere Artikler: (Earlier articles) 
Some articles written about happenings in the club which do not have a menu or location. It can be various letters from members or special events worth while mentioning. All have photos or videoclips, but most are written in Norwegian if not translated.

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