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Innherred Mikroflyklubb

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Articles, about how to operate an Ultralight


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Click the menu to the left, and choose between the articles.

Pilotutsikt over Henning

Do you with to be a pilot? Do you often look to the sky for planes, or do you buy magazines about planes?

You are then in the group of people which either have started flying, or eventually will. For most people it is the cost of a licence and the plane which keeps people only dreaming about it. But it is actually possible to get a SPL licence and your own plane for around 6000 Euro. We are several pilots in Innherred Ultralight club which instead of a motorbike (or in addition to a motorbike) did choose to fly instead. Click the menu to the left to read about how it is to operate a Sports Aircraft, or Ultralight. If you think flying is something you wish to try, please contact us and we will take up for a flight. We are for the moment educating 4 pilots, but there is still place for more students.

Take the time to click the menu to the left and read a little about flying.

Translated from the top:

Flyteori (translated)
Flykontroller (translated)
Å fly flyet (translated)
Instrumenter (translated)
Normallanding (translated)
Halehjulslanding (translated)
Landingsrunder (translated)
Landing i sidevind (translated)
Sakteflyging (translated)
Steiling Flikk og Spinn (translated)  
Spiralstup (translated)
Flightcomputer 1
Flightcomputer 2


- Online tests
- Flight Theory
- Flight controls
- To fly an airplane
- Instruments
- Normal Landings
- Tail wheel landings
- Landingcircuits
- Landing in crosswind
- Slow flying
- Stall and Spin
- Spiraldive
- Flightcomputer 1
- Flightcomputer 2
- Navigation
- Radiotelephony


 The picture is from Henning airport september 2009, and is taken by Levanger Mikroflyklubb.

Innherred Mikrofly Klubb,  , Henning Flyplass,  Pb. 2117,  7701 Steinkjer
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