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Links to aviation info online

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Aviation magazines which are available online:

SportAviation 2009, number 5.

SportAviation 2009, number 6.

SportAviation 2009, number 7.

SportAviation 2009, number 8.

SportAviation 2009, number 9.

SportAviation 2009, number 10.

SportAviation 2009, number 11.

SportAviation 2009, number 12.

SportAviation 2010, number 1.

SportAviation 2010, number 2.

SportAviation 2010, number 3.

SportAviation 2010, number 4.

SportAviation 2010, number 5.

SportAviation 2010, number 6.

SportAviation 2010, number 7.

SportAviation 2010, number 8.

SportAviation 2010, number 9.

SportAviation 2010, number 10.

SportAviation 2010, number 11.

SportAviation 2010, number 12.

SportAviation 2011, number 1.

SportAviation 2011, number 2.

SportAviation 2011, number 3.

SportAviation 2011, number 4.

SportAviation 2011, number 5.

SportAviation 2011, number 6.

SportAviation 2011, number 7.

SportAviation 2011, number 8.

SportAviation 2011, number 9.

SportAviation 2011, number 10.

SportAviation 2011, number 11.

SportAviation 2011, number 12.

SportAviation 2012, number 1.

SportAviation 2012, number 2.

SportAviation 2012, number 3.

SportAviation 2012, number 4.

SportAviation 2012, number 5.

SportAviation 2012, number 6.

SportAviation 2012, number 7.

SportAviation 2012, number 8.

SportAviation 2012, number 9.


Flightsimulator on Google Earth:

If you have installed Google Earth, you can open and start a flight simulator and fly over Henning. You can download Google Earth by clicking here.

You will have to choose if you wish to install the Chrome Explorer. It is not neccessary to install Chrome in order to test and use Google Earth Flightsimulator.

After you have stored the installation file you downloaded, and started it, Google Earth will be installed on your computer.

Google Earth do NOT automatically show you the Flight Simulator. It is an hidden option, and you will have to press 3 keys simultaneously the first time:  CTRL+ALT+A


After you have pressed these 3 keys, a windows opens up as the one above left. You will have to choose type of plans and which location or airport you want to fly from. We choose a prop plane and Værnes Airport on our trips.

Flying the simulator are not particularly easy, So you might consider getting aFlightsim joystick to be able to fly it well. You can use the Arrow keys or the mouse to fly. Personally we like the mouse best, but this will have to be  up to you, what suits your skills the best. Throttle is PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN, and if you hold PAGE UP a few seconds, you will get full throttle for take off. A couple of light presses on the up arrow and you are ariborne. If you use the mouse, you need to be very careful holding it in the middle and give little response for movements. (Tip: One click in the middle makes the mouse "leave" the simulator and you can use it other places). Click the images to the right and in the top to see a larger version for details. Google Earth is not like flying ultralights, but you at least get the possibility to fly in the winter time. Fly safe!

Forums and aviation databases:

Ultralight Aircraft Tours - You have the unique  opportunity to  experience costaricans marine and tropical forest biodiversity from above.  Unleash yoursenses and enjoy the scenic beauty, have adventure, fun and excitement in
harmony with nature.

Angeles City Flying Club - The ACFC is an international hang-out where pilots and aviation enthusiasts from the whole world meet.

Helderberg Aviation, Jora Specialist - South African agents for the Jora UA2 and Quad City Challenger

Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada - Canadian Ultralight site.

Thirty Thousand Feed - Aviation Directory

Microlight Norway - Supplier of Mikrolight aircrafts and Microlight products in Norway.

Aliseo - the flying boat!

Best Aviation Sites Best Aviation Sites Norwegian picturedatabase and forum

Top 1000 Ultralight Aviation links

East Tennessee Lonesome Buzzards

Aviation software:

PocketFMS, Flight Planner, GPS and moving map 


GAP Quality in Airsport

Eventlist  Ultralight section NLF Norway 

District Championship in Ultralight Flying Grønøra 2010

Worth while visiting:

Norwegian Aviation Museum

Aviation clubs in Norway:

Lakselv Mikroflyklubb

Norsk Rotorfly Klubb 

Grenseland Mikroflyklubb

Hardanger og Bergen Mikroflyklubb

Jarlsberg Mikroflyklubb

Jæren Mikroflyklubb

Klanten Flyklubb/Mikro

Kløfta Mikroflyklubb

Land Flyklubb

Levanger Mikroflyklubb

Narvik Flyklubb/Mikro

Oppdal Mikroflyklubb

Phoenix Mikroflyklubb

Ringerikets Mikroflyklubb

Snåsa Flyklubb

Sola Mikroflyklubb

Spydeberg Mikroflyklubb

Stord Flyklubb/Mikro

Stryn Luftsportsklubb

Sunndal Flyklubb/Mikro

Surnadal Luftsportsklubb

Tele-Agder Flyklubb

Ørland Flyklubb

Aerobatic Club Of Norway

Kilen Sjøflyklubb

Follo Flyklubb

Rygge Flyklubb

Borg Flyklubb

Nedre Romerike Flyklubb

Oslo Flyveklubb

Gardermoen Flyklubb

Hedmark Flyklubb

Elverum Flyklubb

Tynset Flyklubb

Gudbrandsdal Flyklubb

Land Flyklubb

Valdres Flyklubb

Drammen Flyklubb

Sandefjord Motorflyklubb

Tønsberg Flyveklubb

Ringerikets Motorflyklubb

Klanten Flyklubb

Notodden og Konsberg Flyklubb

Grenland Flyklubb

Nome Flyklubb

Sola Flyklubb

Sola Flystasjon Flyklubb

Kjevik Flyklubb

Stord Flyklubb

Bergen Aeroklubb

Nordhordland Flyklubb

Vigra Aero Klubb

Sunndal Flyklubb

Nth Flyklubb

Ørland Flyklubb

Værnes Flyklubb

Bodø Flyklubb

Salten Mikroflyklubb

Lofoten Flyklubb

Narvik Flyklubb

Hattfjelldal Flyklubb

Tromsø Flyklubb

Bardufoss Flyklubb

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